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Since you started a thread for Minnesota locations, I'll give my suggestions on (mostly) Parks to go to (specifically around/in the Twin Cities) since I love green and nature.

Should I put down a disclaimer? (Ahahaha) Personally, I enjoyed these places and probably were there at the correct times (been to these places listed down at least once). So I hope those that are looking for an area in MN will find a good place for a photoshoot. =)

Phalen Lake/Park -- Has awesome large trees that are distorted and these trees rather big, and lake is beautiful. There are lot of green space and even a brick bridge (not too sure if it's still there anymore) and best of all, there are not too much people that go here. So if you're lucky, it'll be pretty empty in some areas of the park. (Saint Paul)

Como Park/Lake -- when the tide is low, there is a path that goes towards into the lake. But otherwise, a lot of people walking around here and there aren’t much grass or space to take pictures on. (Saint Paul)

Keller Park -- It's a pretty big park, sorta split in half by road and traffic, but rarely people go there (even on nice days for some reason!) and they have this beautiful moon bridge like thing going on over there. And they have pretty willow trees, last time I checked. =3 They have a lake too. (Maplewood)

Minnehaha Falls/Park -- It is beautiful, simply. I'm not too sure if you could maneuver to quieter and less crowded areas because this is a pretty popular park to be. However, this place is pretty big so I am sure you'll be able to find one quiet area for a good photoshoot. (Minneapolis)

Willow River State Park -- this may not be in MN, but it is only 30 minutes drive if you leave from Saint Paul. It's a camping site, however you do not need to camp to be able to get in. You also have to pay to get in as well, but it's well worth the money (paid per car). There are many trails and many areas that are 'empty'. There are wonderful mini waterfalls that you can 'stray' off to and take pictures as well. It's easy to navigate and hard to be lost at in. = ) (Hudson, WI)

Gateway State Trail -- This is a very beautiful trail. Sometimes you'll get many people walking, sometimes you don't. Depends on day and where you are on the trail because it is 18 miles long! I've traveled from the start point in Saint Paul and only managed to walk to White Bear Lake. Ahahah. But stunning, and a lot of trees, other plants, sometimes beautiful ponds, and GOOD sunlight exposure for those who likes to use natural lighting in their photos. Oh, by the way, the trail should lead to Pine Point Regional Park in or near Stillwater (not too sure which). Go and check it out! NOTE: This trail also leads near to Hiawatha Ave that EkoOtsurone speaks of. So two birds with one stone?! (Saint Paul - starting point)

UPDATE December 2011

Battle Creek Regional Park - OMG. Why did I not find this park sooner? My first time was in the summer and it was beautiful, green, and wide space! Though sometimes you may see houses in the background, but with angling of the camera and the position of the model, you can totally get the 'wild' look you may look for. : ) This park is great especially on a sunny day where the sky is especially blue. You will definitely get awesome pictures of the sky. (Saint Paul)

I'll update this list as I try to think the names of other parks that I've been to and enjoyed. 8'D

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