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Double posting -- but honestly, eh.
Also, why isn't there an (un)official Dragon Age thread? There is a Morrigan one, but I'd feel weird posting over there. lol. On that note, I don't feel (un)official enough to create one.. -prods HMWSG X-

Anyways. The expanding foam method is crazy easy, and Palaven, I would recommend it if you feel comfortable with using a box cutter as a carving utensil lol. I've spent approximately $25-35 bucks so far to make my sword and shield. The Sword is almost finished. I'll probably be spending a few more bucks to buy some appropriate spray paint and the like. I also want to add that the price was probably hiked by the giant bucket of wallpaper glue I purchased lol. I'll be swimming in Swords and papier mache'd items shortly.

Here is an image of the sword after I taped over the foam. I've already applied papier mache at this point and tomorrow I tackle the papier mache paste for sanding and fine tuning.

work in progress --
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