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Originally Posted by quiescent View Post
Double posting -- but honestly, eh.
Also, why isn't there an (un)official Dragon Age thread? There is a Morrigan one, but I'd feel weird posting over there. lol. On that note, I don't feel (un)official enough to create one.. -prods HMWSG X-

Anyways. The expanding foam method is crazy easy, and Palaven, I would recommend it if you feel comfortable with using a box cutter as a carving utensil lol. I've spent approximately $25-35 bucks so far to make my sword and shield. The Sword is almost finished. I'll probably be spending a few more bucks to buy some appropriate spray paint and the like. I also want to add that the price was probably hiked by the giant bucket of wallpaper glue I purchased lol. I'll be swimming in Swords and papier mache'd items shortly.

Here is an image of the sword after I taped over the foam. I've already applied papier mache at this point and tomorrow I tackle the papier mache paste for sanding and fine tuning.
LOL Don't you look at me! Honestly, Mass Effect didn't get its own thread category and fancy threads until the 2nd one came out and it got more popular. I'd say give it a bit of time--there will be people popping up wanting to do DA2 costumes.

Your sword looks great I can't wait to see it finished! My Wrex armor right now consists of cardboard and expanding foam and it so far cost me about 40 bucks for the largest armor parts, so yeah it is pretty affordable. Cutting it is going to be awful, my hot knife takes so long (and it smells bad when I carve into foam). How fast did it take to carve with a utility knife? I might just buy a bunch and recruit some friends to help with carving.

But uh, back to DA2...
1 week left!
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