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Name of Merchant: Cosmonde
Items Purchased: Sebastian Michaelis Wig + Grell Sutcliff Wig
Photos: no pictures, still have to style it ^^
Timeline: Bought on February 15th, shipped the day after and arrived March 1st
Describe your Experience. Pros, Cons, Comments:
I'm going to cosplay Sebastian Michaelis and therefore i needed a black wig And my best friend is going to cosplay Grell Sutcliff, so we decided to order them together.
I looked around on the internet for a nice wig, and people on several cosplay forums advised me to go with Cosmonde, since they told me that they have great-quality wigs.
I looked them up on Ebay, and after the good feedback on their account i decided to give it a go ^^

Pros: The seller is really kind, i asked her several questions before i bought the wigs, because it was my first wig etc and i wanted to know some stuff :P She always answered very quick, and i was surprised because most Chinese sellers (sorry for the stereotype) aren't exactly like that SO she really beat that one ! She even included the blue Phantomhive ring in the purchase, as i requested (eventhough it is not sold with any of the wigs).
Both wigs were also shipped quite fast, with lovely little Kuroshitsuji presents
The wigs are great quality, and there's nothing bad to mention about them actually ^^

Cons: None

Comments: She (Cosmonde) really made me feel at ease during and after the purchase, and she fulfilled my expectations I will definiately buy from her again (read: Sebastian + Grell costume). Recommended Ebay-seller ^^

Final grade: A++
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