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Wig Shop Review: Cosplaydna /

Cosplayanimewigs and cosplaydna are the same seller. On my paypal invoice from cosplayanimewigs it said cosplaydna. Both wigs were packaged in bubble mailers and arrived in under a month. They were shipped from China to the US with the standard shipping option, which is free. EMS shipping is about 10$, which doesn't seem unreasonable to me.

I own two wigs from this site. Both of them are long and made from heat resistant fiber. I do not own their kanekalon wigs but their heat resistant fiber wigs are cheaper than many other kanekalon wigs that it seems pointless for me not to pay the extra 5$ for the higher fiber quality. I so remember paying 35$ for a short cosworx wisp that wasn't good quality, full of crimped fiber and overall crap quality. Both of these wigs cost 32$ with free shipping. So I find the price very reasonable for the quality of the wig you get.

The fiber quality is excellent. It is soft and while it is not a waxy matte, it is far from being shiny. I'd say it's about the shinyness of natural human hair. My hair is much shinier than this wig is, but it's just very healthy. The wigs I own are not natural colors, so they're not convincing anybody but I'm sure a more natural color from this shop would convince most people Other wig wearer would tell, but most people wouldn't even notice it.

It is a bit tangly but this is normal for any long wig and it is easily combed out. The wefts are space pretty closely and the wig is a nice medium thickness. Thick enough to look good, but not so thick that it looks like a obvious wig.

The wig size is a good fit for my smaller head, it is comfortably snug. I have a smaller head so it is hard for me to find wigs that aren't so large that they don't look natural.

Here is my white wig teased up. It did NOT tease well. I was able to tease it up but it was more tangly than teased and took too long. For teasing, a kanekalon fiber would've worked better. Heat-resistant fibers are just too fine and slippery to tease well. The teasing combed right out and the fibers did not shed after this.

This is the same wig once it's been un-teased.

My one and only complaint is that the first wig I bought was white. Standard white. You can't go wrong with white. White is a basic color. Some whites are shinier than others but white is white. theres nothing about white that can surprise you.

Then I bought a blonde wig. I did not receive that color. I received some gross green/grey/taupe color which honestly, looks like puke. I left feedback and asked for a refund for my wig but I haven't heard back from them. Because of the gross color, there is nothing I can do with this wig. Hopefully I will get a refund an if not, then I'll file a paypal complaint. High quality or not, thats 32$ thrown away because the inaccurate color chart.

Blonde. This is not it. This is the color of grey puke. it is soft, and it is nice quality, but it's still the color of vomit and that ruins any good part of it. I also must say this is a horribly unflattering color.

The overall grade I'd give cosplayDNA for quality is a 10+.
Cheap wigs with good quality. I'd say they're above most other wigs in the same price range, but they are unstyled. So if you need a good base wig or a simple style, then these wigs are a steal. If you need a prestyled or special character wig then this might not be true.

Overall grade for accuracy is to be determined. I'd give them a 0 but I could be swayed to be more generous if I'm given a refund. So far I haven't heard anything from them and I'm hoping they reply soon.

If you need a color and it doesn't have to be exactly that color, or if it's a basic color, I say go for it. But if you need a specific color you might want to beware.
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