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Originally Posted by Aleiki View Post
There are lots of women who do this. Many of them are trans, so they're identifying as men: so naturally they'd want their breasts to be invisible. If you've got a safe binder, there shouldn't be any problem. Wearing a sports bra most definitely wouldn't be a problem.
Thank you~

Originally Posted by Kelley View Post
@ShadowYin-Yang, The problem is that you *can* lose elasticity in your breasts if you bind every day. It's up to you if that would be bad or not. This means sagging and not able to hold their shape as well (something that happens naturally with age, too).

I would speak to a doctor about it, especially if you're not transsexual.

Wearing a sports' bra - where it doesn't compress so much as hold in place is likely harmless.

However, have you considered "wireless" bras ? I find sports' bras don't offer enough support (unless they're very tight - bringing you back to the "binding every day" issues), but many "wireless" ones are just as comfortable (if not more so) and offer more in the way of support. I would never wear an underwire every day - "wireless" bras are great and really comfortable if that's what you're looking for.
I know I'm gonna sound stupid for asking...but what exactly IS the breast elasticity? I can only assume based on what I googled but I think I need more of an explanation>.< Does it mean I'll sag more early for my age?

I never tried wireless bras but I'll look into it. Thanks for the info!!
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