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Name of Commissioner Coskingdom

Website/ gallery

Character commissioned and series/video game (please include if this was the entire costume, just a jacket, prop, accessory, wig, etc.) Archbishop from Ragnarok Online (dress, jacket, and hat)

Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item I may or may not update with my own photos later on depending on how lazy I am and how good my memory is. I do have the confirmation pictures they sent me before shipping out the cosplay though. (:


Timeline (how long your order took to process) First contacted: December 26
After ironing exactly how I want the cosplay for a few hours, quote received: December 27
Payment made: January 5
Confirmation pictures round 1: January 13
~ Adjustments made ~
Confirmation pictures round 2: January 17
Cosplay shipped: January 20
Cosplay received: February 8

Pros: Communication was excellent. Commissioner usually responded within a day or two. Their English proficiency was excellent and they made sure to contact me if changes needed to be made to the cosplay from the sample pictures they sent instead of taking the liberty to do as they please.

Very solid construction. No loose threads and it fit perfectly! The cosplay was also made in record time. The materials used were nice. I'm not sure if I should say high-quality since this is the first cosplay I've had commissioned instead of buying a premade one from a merchant. The fabric is thinner than my other cosplays, but still very sturdy, comfy, and not see-through at all (perfect for hot weather, which is when I plan on wearing the cosplay anyway!) I was surprised to find that the dress was made of two parts, the top and the bottom, which is from the waist down. I personally thought it would only be one piece, but being separated into two makes it a lot easier to put on so I don't mind. The commissioner also included the clear bra straps needed to keep the top part of the dress up!

Before shipping the costume, they send you confirmation pictures in which you are allowed to make adjustments up to two times (note: not two adjustments, two phases of adjustments.) While perhaps other commissioners are willing to provide more adjustments, I only found it necessary to adjust the look of the cosplay once. They happily adjusted the look of the back of the cosplay as well as constructing a new hat for me~

Cons: There are two little flaws on the sheer parts of the cosplay (one on the sleeve, and one on the back portion) where the fabric seems to be slightly torn (but not a hole - I'm not sure if there's a proper technical term for this, sorry!) They're very small so it's not very noticeable unless you look closely, but it's still something they shouldn't have overlooked.

For the part on the neck where you connect the two ends together (I'm not sure how to explain) there appears to be a marking left over from a crayon or something that they used when making the cosplay. I haven't bothered to remove it yet but I'm not all that bothered since it's not noticeable when worn anyway.

Shipping took FOREVER. What should've been 5-7 days took approximately 3 weeks! I don't believe it was their fault though as I had the tracking number and for the longest time it said "Origin post is preparing for shipment." Still, just a heads up for those of you that are in a rush.

Comments: The "sample" pictures they sent me as to how the cosplay would look once they construct it were taken from Cospa. It's understandable though as these were only pictures to be used as an example but I just thought I'd point that out. In the end I prefer their cosplay over the Cospa one after adjusting the colors, fabric, and back portion to my liking anyway. :P

Overall I think they're an excellent commissioner. They were very patient in trying to understand exactly how I wanted the cosplay to be (I had a ton of irrelevant reference photos that I'm sure ended up making everything slightly confusing...) The pricing was also excellent compared to other quotes I received!

Final Grade: A+

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