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Originally Posted by Siyana View Post
Mmm possibly. I have a Homura coming with me too, just we don't know what days we'll be free yet. :3

@ Ani_bee in regards to petticoat color, whites always safe right? Then again I'm not very sure ^^;

I got my wig in today! Its a bit dark unfortunately (rose pink from Arda) but I think it looks really cute with red ribbons.
Also lack of makeup and its late at night + bad lighting. Gah.
Oh lord! You are so cute. I think it's a pretty good color, at least what I can tell in the bad lighting. I think once you cut it and everything, it will look perfect!

@Ani_bee: White is always a good color. Though, for some reason I can see it being black more than white. Probably because of the trim on the skirt.
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