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I think to colour of arda's rose pink is great but I can see why you feel it's dark compared to your skin tone. ^_^
But if you got one that was her actually colour it would look washed out pale pink on you in comparison to Madoka's ultra fair skin.

Chibi and Leia is the base I'm looking at for Mami so far the have Light Blonde in that shade. I love the colour but it might be too dark one me for her (I have yet to wear my Magnum XL in cosplay yet to see).
But they might get one of the styles in 081 Platinum Blonde which would look nice and bright on my pale skin tone.

The fan art (snowman) made me laugh.

Another stocking option since the Black is sheerer then the colour stripes on these so they will be lighter than the Brown.

Might be tempted to make a Charlotte dragon puppet (think Chinese street dragon in style with a moving mouth)

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