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Originally Posted by Ryoko-and-Yami View Post
Hi, I've never ordered opaque contacts before, so I'm not really sure what to get. First off,
I'm looking for pink contacts for Botan from Yu Yu Hakusho.

I thought these were a pretty pink but the model has brown eyes and I have blue, so I'm not sure how they will look. Also, my eye diameter is and these are 14.5 : / Will that just make me have really big irises?

Secondly, I want to finally have a brown eye for my Syaoran from Tusbasa cosplay. I'm a little afraid of eye strain when I have my prescription contact in (maybe with an enhancer to make my eyes less gray blue) one eye and different company contact in the other eye.
Any thoughts, suggestions, or recommendations on which contacts look the most real?
I don't recommend the nudy series, it's not a solid opaquely colored lens, up close it's a speckled colored lens that still shows your natural eye color through the blank spots in the coloring, and they're not that bright.

I would suggest the Pretty Crystal Pink: but the pupil hole is rather large on that one too so your natural eye color will show through the middle.

If you want a bright pink that is not too neon, but also noticeable and covers your natural color enough try the Adult pink: I've seen some great video reviews of that lens on Youtube.

EVERYONE, If you're not sure about how a lens will look in person, try looking up video reviews on Youtube, you would be surprised how many lens reviews there are.
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