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Name of Commissioner: cocosilverhk

Website/ gallery: Ebay I know they have 2 websites aswell but I can't seem to find them right now ^^;;

Character commissioned and series/video game (please include if this was the entire
costume, just a jacket, prop, accessory, wig, etc.):
Full costume (not including wig and shoes)

Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item: Some details, The dress lot of details here and other photos will be linked throughout this review ^^;

Timeline (how long your order took to process): It was ordered and paid for via paypal on February 2, I was sent a tracking number on February 22, and it arrived March 3.

Describe your Experience: Their wasn't really an "experience" their wasn't a SINGLE email sent between cocosilverhk and I. But I didn't initiate any so it wasn't really a problem. After reading lot's of reviews I knew they would supply me with an item just like in their ad pictures; which they did

It shipped quickly, arriving 2 weeks earlier then the estimated arrival. It arrived in a thick brown envelope- NOT a box. Which had me really worried about the condition of my item; you would think for $40 of shipping they could ship it in a box. /ridiculous

But nothing was damaged so I suppose it doesn't matter.

Pros: It fits me perfectly! Like the fit couldn't be more awesome, All the fabrics and trims that they used are AMAZING. They work so nicely together! The dress is made out of satin, but the high quality bridal satin type stuff. And then the sparkly stuff is reinforced so it isn't flimsy. The stockings and sleeves are made of an amazing material, think really thick, stretchy, soft T-shirt material.

The keyhole is the perfect size as to not show anything, considering it's a sexualized character I was worried they would make it a lot more skimpily cut, but it's all very tastefully done. The dress is fully lined and all the stitching looks professionally done.

The clips that secure the bows and hearts to the dress are fabulous, not the annoying cheap type. These are really great.

Cons: It seems like a lot of cons..but they are just little things ^^;;

The size is really inaccurate, They claim this can fit someone 3" larger then me- yeah that would NOT happen. Their sizes definitely run small- beware. The clip on the back of the bow is just tiny! The bow falls out of my hair as soon as I clasp it in, their is no way this will work with a wig >.< So that has to be replaced with a large alligator clip.

The stockings are horribly inaccurate, which I knew, but the stitching on the elastic is AWFUL. It's uneven and looks even worse on- after trying these on the stitching has already pulled out in several areas. This is something I will have to personally re-sew, because their is no way their job will last.

Their is a very tiny stain on the top D: It was there when I pulled it out of the package, nobody will notice unless they stick their face in my boobs (XD) but I still wish it wasn't there :/

The clips on the hearts are really wonderful- but they are hot glued on! And the glue is smeared all over the back of the hearts. Why wouldn't they just sew it? Nobody will notice, but this really bothers me since the clips will probably fall off and I'll have to re-do it >.<

The sleeves are REALLY tight, like almost cutting off circulation tight. I didn't supply arm measurements, but really? I don't think I have fat arms, but these are really hard to get on and off due to the tightness.

The choker is about 3" to loose for my neck even when tied as tight as possible. It looks ridiculous! This means I have to sew velcro onto it just so it'll fit me >.< I didn't supply measureless for my neck..but this size is crazy.

The zipper is really hard to do up/undo even when i'm not in it. It seriously took me 5 minutes to get the zipper undone just so I could try it on.

Comments: In the end they delivered a dress that fits like a dream, looks identical to ad photos and is made of wonderful material. I would buy from them again in a heartbeat..but VERY careful about sizing o_o;; I would give them an A+ if their weren't so many little things I have to fix, and the fact I have to buy new stockings for this

Final Grade: A

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