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Originally Posted by faraday48 View Post
I've looked up Dollyeye lens on youtube and found good results, but I've only been able to find the original series, not the II or III. And I haven't been able to find anything about the Dreamy series at all
That's because those lenses are listed under different names by EBeautyNa. They're not related to the Dolly Eye series at all, but some stores rename lenses, making it hard to find good reviews or store that sell the lenses under those names.

The eDollyeye II is actually known as the New Adult lenses. They used to be the Adult series but then they updated the lenses to have better coverage and color opacity. If you search for New Adult Circle lenses on Youtube you'll find plenty of reviews.

The eDollyeye III are known as the Geo Tri Color lenses on Pinky Paradise. There are a lot of customer reviews under those lenses, as they are pretty popular. On they are known as the Gothic3Tones.

As for the Dreamy series, they're more widely known as the Max Pure. If you search for Max Pure lens reviews on Youtube there's quite a few. They have a large pupil hole though, and will not cover your natural eye color well. THey're also pretty light in color, and they appear differently on people's eyes than on dark brown eyes.

Hope I could help!

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