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Name of Merchant: ACOS/Animate
Website: *full lines sold in-store only (Rakuten partial storefront ~ not all items, credit-only: )
Items purchased: Durarara! liscenced school uniform (pants, jacket and tie) for 9,975 yen.
Links to picture(s) of your items recieved: coming

Timeline (how long your order took to process): Went to the Kagawa Animate's ACOS corner, dug for my size and bought it. Took all of 10 minutes.

Describe your Experience: I ended up with a wig perfect for Kida by accident and, after having trouble selling it second-hand and noticing a white hoodie hanging in my closet I decided to use it and went about pricing blue suits on rakuten. As it turns out, it was cheaper to buy the liscenced costume through ACOS than to buy a Chinese costume for the character after shipping or even a generic blue suit off of rakuten. $100 for a whole costume to use a wig I like and already have isn't too bad.

Pros: Kagawa ACOS's costume section is well-stocked and has most costumes available in most sizes. They're well-sorted and sizing particulars are printed on every bagged costume. Sample costumes are out on hangers to examine.

All costumes sold at ACOS are liscenced. Royalties go to the makers of the shows in question with every sale, colors are approved and the final costumes generally look a great deal like "the realt thing" as a result.

The Durarara! uniform is no exception. The color is perfect, it's flattering, and the cut is slimming. It fits wonderfully. The base fabric is a polyester twill but never LOOKS like polyester. There is no cheap plasticky sheen and it isn't coarse to the touch. It's actually very soft and pleasant to wear.

I can use my Animate card on ACOS purchases, which adds up points very quickly toward discounts on Prichara wigs and other costumes.

Cons: Dry clean only

ACOS is widely available and caters to younger, broker fans of the most popular shows. As a result, ACOS costumes are a dime a dozen. If you want to "stand out" at a large Japanese event, ACOS is a bad choice. Chances are you'll run into folks in the exact same costume dozens of times.

Final Comments: Well-designed, accurately cut, well-fitting liscenced costumes that are budget priced. Often for only a little more than the cost of a cheap Chinese factory costume after shipping, you can support the series you like directly and get something you know won't fall apart in one wear. Just be aware that you're wearing the brand-of-choice for newbie cosplayers all over Japan and are quite likely to run into the same more popular costumes over and over again.

Final Grade: A+

Directions to ACOS Honten (in Tokyo) English: Leave Ikebukuro station via the "Exit for Sunshine" (east side, keep left and pass the subway entrance). Follow the crowd to and through the shotengai to the crossing under the overhead highway. Cross to Amlux and then follow the map on the website or canvas the blocks. ACOS is on a back block in this section of town very near to the MAPLE wig shop... I can never find the damn thing the same way twice. But it always turns up sooner or later.

Directions to the Takamatsu ACOS/Animate (Kagawa Prefecture): Leave Takamatsu station and go straight, cross to Tamamo Park (the castle) and head down the main street into town. After a few blocks, you'll hit the entrance to the Hyogomachi shotengai. Turn left into this shotengai and cross to the large overhead dome and pavillion area. Turn right into the main shotengai. Head 8 or 9 sections through this shotengai to "Marugame Machi", Animate is on the 2nd floor of the building directly across from the arcade near another small pavillion with a prominent police box. It's hard to miss. Every teenager in town has probably parked their bike in front of it.
Basement Sale: Touhou: Mokou costume, clearfiles/shitajiki, NeoRomance/Angelique artbook, etc.

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