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I'm going to add here based on an experience with a skirt I bought with a friend. For hourglass shaped girls, avoid having lots of gathers at the waistband- it really makes the hips look much larger. An A-line shaped skirt with no gathers at the waistband is much more flattering and balanced. High waist skirts that end right at the underbust or near it can also give the impression of being top-heavy for hourglass shaped girls.

For large busty girls, avoid anything with a horizontal line like this on the bodice:
The line ends up falling on a weird spot (since it's designed for small chested girls) on busty girls and makes it look like the breasts are being cut in half. Avoid extravagant decorations on the bodice like you would do with normal tops, as this can make you look very top heavy.

For tall girls (I am 5'8" for reference) most dress bodices will end just at or below the ribcage and above your natural waist, giving a high waist look to almost every dress you wear. If this doesn't look good on you, you might have to custom order dresses or find jumperskirts with adjustable straps to get the dress waist to lay on your natural waist. Skirts will hit 2 inches above the knee on average (or more if you are wearing Angelic Pretty). Tights/OTK socks also tend to look better for tall/long legged lolitas because there isn't so much exposed leg between the top of the sock and the hem of the dress.
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