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My measurements like a normal hourglass, but it still causes problems. I love my waist, because I can fit most brand fine, but my bust is the problem XP my measurements aren't as extreme in their difference as most of you guys have posted, (I'm only 36in/27in/36in) but it still makes lolita fit me awkwardly XP even if I dress fits me fine, my bust makes me look like I tried to squeeze into a dress that is too small for me because it squishes my boobs down all weird no matter how much I try to push them around into their correct spots. but I have found a way around it:
I wear a corset under my dresses that fit weird and it makes me look much more balanced and keeps my boobs in place! ^^
It also helps to wear dresses where the bodice ends at your natural waist or just below it. It really helps show off that beautiful waist of yours. Also, wearing a cute belt might help so that eyes focus on your waist instead of on your chest.
I have found that innocent world makes the most flattering dresses for hourglass shapes in my opinion. I tried on a few dresses at PMX and OMG I loved every one! (only ended up buying one, though, which I still adore!)

Also, I have such a flat butt, it's ridiculous XD; and petticoats help fill out that huge flat area, which makes me love the style even more haha!
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