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Originally Posted by Meiki View Post
I have a fairly hourglass figure, and I think the body type suits lolita pretty well. There are a couple of things to be aware of though. The size of your hips and butt really don't matter that much, lolita skirts are so full and purposefully poofy that any size will fit really.
This is actually one of the things I like about the style, because I have a small waist, but wide hips (my waist is 27" but my hips are 39-40") and it is nice to be able to wear things and not have to worry as much about if they fit there. A lot of clothes look weird on me because of how wide my hips are compared to my waist. It is nearly impossible to find pants that fit because if they fit my hips, they're way too loose on my waist and if they fit my waist they're way too small for my hips.
However (in non-lolita styles) I do look better in a higher waist dress (or shirt for that matter) in general, because dresses that have a lower waist tend to cling to the hips more so it emphasizes the waist/hip difference. On me, the ones with a higher waist tend to sort of float around the hips so they don't stand out as much. I also avoid belts around the natural waist because it seems to also draw the attention to how much bigger my hips are.
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