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Name of Merchant: Epic Cosplay
Item purchased (please include quantity) White wig
Links to picture(s) of your received item- NA
Timeline (how long your order took to process) About 3 weeks
Describe your Experience. Pros, Cons, Comments.

Pros- They sent me the correct wig and they have high quality wigs. This was the only pro.

Cons- Everything else. In the past I have ordered from them multiple times and there has never been an issue. However, something has definitely changed recently. This is what happened. I placed an order for a wig on Feb 9th. I left a note saying that I needed it by Monday the 14th if possible. However, I made a mistake and said May instead of Feb. I e-mailed them, and they said that they read it as May, but it was on its way and I might not get it until the 15th of Feb. I said this was perfectly fine because it was my mistake and because I was not leaving until the 18th, so I had ordered it early just to be safe.

Well, they said it would definitely be there by the 15th since I paid for 2-3 day priority shipping. I leave on the 18th and it still is not at my house, and I do not hear anything from them.

I get home and it is the 23rd and have still not heard anything from them. I e-mail them that night and tell them to just cancel the order. I get an e-mail the next morning.

"Hi Matthew,

The tracking # is 9405510200793373007115

Our shipper messed up on this one by a long shot.. Sigh... when you
get the item if you don't want to keep it we can work out a refund.

Tony @ EpicCosplay"

So either they sent it to the wrong place, or they just lied and never shipped it in the first place. This was ridiculous for 2 reasons. 1) They never made any effort to contact me whatsoever. 2) Tony- Just because your customers are a bunch of weeaboos, doesn't mean you can act like one in your e-mails and do things like sticking the word sigh in there. There was not even an apology. When you work for any business, you need to learn how to be professional.

So I told them I would more than likely want a refund once the shipping was complete, and that I would like a refund for my shipping. They said they would, but to make sure I sent it first class. Why would they ask me to use really expensive shipping when they would have to reimburse it all, unless they needed it right away? I just thought it was weird.

I got the wig and liked it, so I decided to keep it. I e-mailed them and said I would just like my shipping refunded since I did not get it in the time guaranteed. I have yet to hear from them again.

Final Grade: F. Even though the wig was nice, the process was awful and their customer service is a joke. What happened? It used to be the most amazing place to order from, and now everyone I know that orders with them is having problems.


After I posted the rating, I was contacted by Epic Cosplay because one of the members saw that I was unsatisfied. I received a refund for my shipping, as well as $14 back towards my wig purchase.

I also had a wig sent to my friend's house and two of our other friends sent their's there as well. Well she received two of the wigs but never got mine. This ended up being back in Jan and I just found out about it because she only thought two wigs were ordered. We didn't check because we couldn't wear our cosplays to that con so we just didn't mess with them for a while.

Even though this was a while ago EC sent me another wig free of charge, and it was the right wig and very nice.

I would like to change their rating to a solid B.

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