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Hey all! I think I've finally reached a point with my Henry cosplay where I'm happy with it. I was actually able to get a nice picture of me in it as well thanks to Avi's lovely boyfriend: It's come a long way in a year, and I feel like I can give the costume a break for a bit

I'd like to make another SH cosplay, and I've been thinking of Alessa from the end of SH1 when she's all burned. I'm sure you guys know what I'm talking about, but I'll attach a couple pics anyways:

The main thing I've been curious about is what exactly she's wearing. The obvious answer seems to be that she's wearing her school uniform, but I also thought it could be an Order outfit similar to Claudia's. Alessa is supposed to be 14 in the original game, but she looks so much older in the scenes with her in the bed.

I think it might be interesting to make a "cult" Alessa... like if Harry had never saved her? I don't wanna anger the fandom or anything, and I'm totes cool doing her school outfit.
What do you guys think?
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