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Hello, I have a similar question, but for the opposite problem.
I have a fairly rectangular body shape which is fine, but i think I'm too small?
Size: (roughly 32in-24in-33in)

I seem to have a hard time finding brand name JSK or one piece that actually would fit me. Most clothing sizes are made to fit one size, and that is 86cm, 64cm, 91cm which i think is a med. (sizes taken from baby's)
I tried on several jsk's at the sanfrancisco's btssb store, but they were all just slightly too big on me. The skirt esp. even with wearing a petticoat, it seemed to droop past my knees, which I'm not too fond of. Besides being a rectangle, I am also very short, about 5ft or 150cm, thus having longer dresses will make me appear even shorter.

So far the only jsk i've seen that fits me was AP's milky berry series, i think it was because it had a high waist and the skirt seemed shorter? (now that its discontinued, i'm not so sure anymore cause i haven't seen it anywhere since) The only thing I remember about this dress happened to fit at my knees and not below it.

Does anyone know the type of dress that was, or have suggestions to other types of clothing that would complement a smaller body type?
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