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Glad you liked it : ) As for other events, I guess you can't go to Iberanime this weekend since you said you'd be in italy.
The next events will be Anigamix from March 31st to April 3rd, but that one won't be in Lisbon, it'll be at Porto, and I think you have to buy tickets for that one, but I'm not very informed about it since I will not be able to attend that one.
Then there will be Anicomics, possibly in May (I'm not sure if there's a date for it yet), which is supposed to be about comic books but ends up getting focussed in anime xD; unfortunatly last year's anicomics wasn't very interesting since it didn't have any activities to do during the event (tho it did have a cosplay contest and comic book authors), and it was in a really small place so I wouldn't say it's worth going, but ofcourse that's up to you =P oh and I think you have to pay too, but it's a really low price like 3€ (at least last year it was)
For now that's all I know, but I will tell you about more events as they get announced^^
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