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The pissed-off-about-politics thread

Here's where we can go to complain to each other about shitty laws, shitty politicians, the shitty economy, and what we're doing (or would like to do) to change things.

I just got back from lobbying for Planned Parenthood in Austin. Texas is trying to pass this shitty law that would force every woman who wanted an abortion to have to get a sonogram to see the fetus inside her before doing so. In some versions of the bill, if the woman didn't want to have the sonogram or see the baby, she would be allowed to close her eyes, put her hands over her ears, and "hum a little tune."

It's clearly trying to manipulate abortion-seeking women into going ahead and having the baby, despite the fact that she JUST MIGHT be considering the abortion for an extremely valid reason in the first place.

We also discussed how stupid abstinence-only education was, defunding Planned Parenthood and all that jazz.

In the end, we had a grand old time and we feel like we may have actually gotten through to a few people.

Are there any shitty laws or proposed laws that make you angry or sad?
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