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Wow that Ishihara sounds like a *fabulous* guy. Pssshhhh. Does he not sound somewhat similar to Bin Laden? (for those who dont know, Bin Laden conveniently enough before deciding to become a cleric with a total extremist view was a rather well known sado hedonist for the earlier parts of his life) in other words, all credibility just got thrown out the window.

Anyway, I will be happy to attendanime contents expo with you Tsumanne if you dont mind a person tagging along =)

Im almost done with my Sakura Taisen Imperial Uniform and would to show it off ^^
This years events and cosplay: Tokyo Wonderfest 2012 (Shiva ff9) Summer Comiket (Ms. Marvel) Tokyo Game Show (Ivy, Soul Calibur 5) Studio event (Sonia Belmont)
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