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According to a person who worked for Planned Parenthood, sonograms are performed before every abortion (atleast surgical ones). The woman shouldn't have to view if she doesn't want to and I can understand your outrage if the argument is worded like that. But the doctors need to see were exactly the embryo is implanted. (The majority of abortions happen in the first 12 weeks, at this point it's not a fetus yet.)

The topic of abortion has been a lot more sensitive to me since Tiller's murder. He was actually a family acquaintance. (I'm not saying friend because I don't want to oversell the relationship.) With many saying that this man deserved to be murdered in cold blood and even South Dakota proposing a law that can make the such acts a case of "justifiable homicide," many times I just want to bury my face in a pillow and scream.
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