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Originally Posted by Yukikittie View Post
It's just so frustrating, can't we all just get along?
This. I remember when Obama came to office everyone was all "YAY!" and then reality set in. He had to deal with the other side of the table, who didn't want to play nice. Why would they, the harder he fell, the better chances they would have the next time around. The Republican party is splintering apart and it's making people pretty wary, and with good reason.

Canadian politics is pretty tame in comparison. We have the conservatives, with Steven Harper at the helm in his sweater vest. The Liberals... who can't seem to find a competent leader.... and that other party that no one likes.

Provincial politics in Ontario mirror that. Our hydro bills are going up up up... and yet we produce more power then we can handle... and somehow we have to pay people to take it. Whatever happened to supply and demand? Supply is high, demand is low... shouldn't the price of hydro go down? Oh wait, we are so into wind power that we are paying 12 cents a kilowatt... when we pay like 7 cents for normal power generation. WHAT??! On top of it, a lot of people don't want wind near them. People are complaining of headaches (these babies are loud), the blades kill birds (especially birds of prey, and bats), animals are driven away (farmers who have one nearby are not happy, their horses are not happy), and other issues, but the government doesn't care, they want to look "green". The wind companies are like door to door salesman trying to get people to lease their property for one. They are really annoying, all because the government is paying way to much for it.

So now our price for hyrdo is going way up, and so the government in its infinite wisdom decides to lower our bill. How could they do that? Well they took out a loan you see... to cover the extra costs... and well, we will have to play that loan back with interest. Lovely. So smart on their part. Hydro costs are still going up. They introduced a smart meter, which should measure power better. It's causing people to pay even more.

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