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Originally Posted by shattered-vase View Post
I was thinking of buying this for crossplaying- does anyone know how well it works/etc.? I've read a bunch of reviews on the internet saying that it tends to be very comfortable and easy to breathe in while working pretty well, but I'd appreciate more references if anyone has them, particularly on whether or not it will affect people with asthma.
go with something from underworks, not t-kingdom if you have asthma... or even if you dont... I haven't tried THAT particular one but at $51 US, its already more then the amazing tri-top even without shipping... for something that might work the SAME as the tri-top... seriously the tri-top is the most amazing thing... I dont know why someone would get anything else... is so easy to breathe in I forget its even on... its much easier to breathe in then my t-kingdom one and binds 1000000 times better!
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