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Originally Posted by Kelley View Post
Do you know which binder she had, that you tried ?

What size was it compared to your measurements ?
She had one of the Underworks binders. Not the tri top, but one that was longer. I don't know what size she had, but she's significantly larger than I am (and it was WAY too small on her, to the point she couldn't breathe). It fit over onto me nicely, but really didn't give me the results on binding I wanted. I assume it was a size too big for me, and about two sizes too small for her.

I know for a fact I have firm boobs, though. The best binding I've ever gotten, really, was with duct tape using the open shirt binding. And with a lot of tape. But as you all know, duct tape isn't fun to take off. But it did go absurdly well, as you can see in this pic of me flashing the camera: 196_n.jpg But duct tape is something I'd never like to use unless I have to (as in, open shirt binding), so... compression vest is a want.

I'd just need a compression vest that does some intense binding. I just know for a fact my boobs are insanely firm :I Like, boob rocks. And I'm picky and would want as little pecs as possible XD;;

I'm really looking at this one based on good reviews: But I'm not sure.
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