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Originally Posted by Bhutas View Post
Haha, it is pretty difficult. Everytime I think I have it figured out, he moves a little and the angle changes and suddenly I see something new. Also, I've been romancing him with my male rogue of witty sarcastic manly-ness, and as the romance progresses he suddenly has NEW things on him-- like red fabric around his wrist and a little pouch with the Hawke family crest on it. I think video game creators like to make the most crazy designs to torture us cosplayers, sometimes...

By the way, anyone else getting their romance option all dolled up as the romance progresses?
Oh my god what ;-; Anders isn't dressing up for me! Also, it seems like everyone is playing Gay Hawke. Which I approve, mine is Freddie Mercury :3 How far along are you (oh god avoid spoilers) past "Act 2?" Maybe thats when Anders will dress up.. I have no idea how many acts are in this game, and I'm feeling despair that I won't finish the game by this weekend

I'll try getting screen shots of Anders, too, since he is in my party all the time :3
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