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Originally Posted by hmwsg x View Post
Oh my god what ;-; Anders isn't dressing up for me! Also, it seems like everyone is playing Gay Hawke. Which I approve, mine is Freddie Mercury :3 How far along are you (oh god avoid spoilers) past "Act 2?" Maybe thats when Anders will dress up.. I have no idea how many acts are in this game, and I'm feeling despair that I won't finish the game by this weekend

I'll try getting screen shots of Anders, too, since he is in my party all the time :3
Gay Hawke is the best Hawke, yo. I think the game knew that my man was into other men, concidering no women has ever flirted with him-- not even Isabella.

ANYWAYS! Fenris started wearing the sash on his arm after I slept with him for the first time (near the beginning of Act 2 after the Deep Roads), and then he started wearing the little pouch after... actually, I don't remember when he started wearing it. I just noticed it all of a sudden. But I haven't finished Act 2, so this has all happened before the end of it! Maybe Anders just isn't as into fashion and making statements as Fenris is xD Or perhaps Fenris is a kleptomaniac and is stealing from my house everytime he's over.
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