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Originally Posted by shattered-vase View Post
I was thinking of buying this for crossplaying- does anyone know how well it works/etc.? I've read a bunch of reviews on the internet saying that it tends to be very comfortable and easy to breathe in while working pretty well, but I'd appreciate more references if anyone has them, particularly on whether or not it will affect people with asthma.

I have that exact binder, and I can say that it works - to an extent. It's very comfortable (to be honest I forgot I had it on after a while, and it felt wrong taking it off... XD I certainly had no problems whatsoever breathing in it, though I don't have asthma so I can't say much there) and easy to get on and off... but I would not recommend it for anyone above A - small B at the largest, because it simply doesn't bind well enough for that. If you're larger than an A, go with Underworks.

This is the first binder I've ever tried, mind, so I can't say how flat a good binder's supposed to make you, but I'm satisfied with my 801. *Hugs it*
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