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Originally Posted by x-Steffi-x View Post
According to UK officials, perverse teachers will be able to teach kids again as the system needs to be "softened". Wtf? The British law needs to be TOUGHENED not SOFTENED! No wonder people here are running rampant and having kids just to live off benefits and chavs are just flipped off. What has society come to, no wonder everyone hates the British government, it's retarded.

And then the government wonders why we have high numbers in every bad thing imagineable like high teen pregnancy rate, etc... Because nothing is being done about it, and if it is, it's a stupid idea that won't work.

Now it's preverts having the chance to be perverts again. Great because every person with a child wants them to be leered and groomed at.

I'm not look forward to paying taxes for lazy people and pointless people in which I wonder why they cease to exist.

Over crowded prisons, EU leigislature? That probably why this is happening, softening of law that is, you then go into a tangent about broken Britian and I sort of lost you there.

I never understood all of those people who wanted Britain out of the EU before, probably because most of those people were BNP or UKIP and were either racists or light racists. But now that we're being forced to give the vote to people in prison because of human rights violations... hrmm. I mean there's a reason for that, anyone in prison is going to have a more vested interest in the leadership of a country surely, being at Her Majesty's pleasure? Doesn't the EU have better things to do?
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