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Originally Posted by Volnixshin View Post
Not what I'm saying.

I have no problem with "believing" people in office.

I have a problem with people who want to get in office, or try to because they want to change things based on their beliefs, and not what is best for everyone else.
I understand better, fair enough anyone can have alterior motives.

as i've mentioned here before, i was raised in a strict christian house. don't assume i judge people just because of what they believe. how they act on those beliefs is what matters. people who are so motivated by their faith to try to force that on others through any means should not be in a position to do so. trying to pass laws that are unconstitutional because "the people are sinning" is unconstitutional and goes against the freedom of religion this country was founded on
Sorry I don't have intimate knowledge of everyone on

I was quite pissed off by your tone because "get the damned churchgoers out of office!" felt like an unfair attack on Christianity. That's what I saw and thats how I responded.

I see what your saying now though, and I respect your opinion and apologise for anything I've said.

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