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Originally Posted by fullbleed View Post
Over crowded prisons, EU leigislature? That probably why this is happening, softening of law that is, you then go into a tangent about broken Britian and I sort of lost you there.

I never understood all of those people who wanted Britain out of the EU before, probably because most of those people were BNP or UKIP and were either racists or light racists. But now that we're being forced to give the vote to people in prison because of human rights violations... hrmm. I mean there's a reason for that, anyone in prison is going to have a more vested interest in the leadership of a country surely, being at Her Majesty's pleasure? Doesn't the EU have better things to do?
Idk, I don't get the UK sometimes. I just go off in a tangent about anything lol, the sorts of things I talked about earlier have annoyed me a lot anyway so I thought I'd squeeze it all in one rant.
Human rights? What human rights? If someone committed like say, murder and went to prison for it, they've automatically deducted their rights as a person. Imho.
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