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Originally Posted by sexytime10 View Post
I was super turned off by the first episode, but after reading some reviews about it, I decided to pick it up again. And although it is cheesy as hell its really fun to watch! I feel its popularity will skyrocket to Code Geass tier (because they both are very similar). Anyways, it'd be cool to see some cosplayers/crossplayers doing this series
Lol, same here. I let it be after the first ep because it's mecha (but I watched Geass, Gundam00 and Guren Lagann too), and then a friend of mine was all fannish about it, so I continued... it's really a lot of fun, isn't it? xD For now, it's nothing near Geass popularity though, but it may just be slow.

Aaaand so I decided I'd cosplay Sugata. He's really the type of character that I'd cosplay... I've finished the pants (casual outfit) but I'm struggling with the shirt... I've got a plain white shirt, but everyone on my FB agreed that it's not white.... so I might end up making one if I find a fabric in a suitable colour. I'm also going to do the school uniform, but that may be bought, since my Takuto ordered hers too - and it would be sad if the colours don't match ;_; (plus, I never made a blazer before! they scare me!)
Planned cosplays:
Shindou Sugata (Star Driver)
Ryner Lute (Legend of the Legendary Heroes)
Mia (Fire Emblem - Radiant Dawn)
Saitou Hajime (Hakuouki S1)

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