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Originally Posted by supergeekgirl View Post
I got some great info from a couple of museums including wonderful, detailed pictures, but if you get a chance to talk to any of them in the next week, I AM looking for more detailed pictures of the waistband of the 1944 OD service uniform. I'm hoping to get a couple of images from the Women's Army Museum today, but most of my focus was on underwear when I called.
I'm sure they have them, but don't know how soon I can get a hold of one of them. We usually all meet up at the end of the month.

And by the way I am glad you asked the museum about the underwear, because if I started asking my friends about that I would get a few weird looks, at the least...

Originally Posted by supergeekgirl View Post
And yeah, all of the veterans I've met (except my stepfather who served in Vietnam) are happy to see people wearing the uniforms from their times. I wonder if my stepfather's problem is that he doesn't want people thinking of something in his lifetime as "history".
One of my proudest moments with US veterans was when William Guarnere presented me with a US parachute wing because he thought I had earned it after I had jumped out of an aeroplane in my 506th uniform.

By the way, I also noticed you're going to be doing Madonna from Express yourself soon. Excellent! So will that be the green dress, the black business suit or the chain?
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