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Originally Posted by supergeekgirl View Post
Unfortunately, they say that I'd have to take a trip to the museum (several states away) to photograph the pieces if I want pictures of the underwear now. *sigh* I have to figure out how to get ahold of pictures of those now. I can't find them in any uniform books or on any uniform websites. Well, just the slip and panties but not the girdle and bra.
Looks through his uniform books...

Seersucker drss, HBT, M-1943, shoes, hair net, handbag and even a 'Patriotic Powder Compact', but sorry no bra...

So is your husband going in uniform as well?

Originally Posted by supergeekgirl View Post
It's the suit.
You know I was kind of hoping it was the chain...

Originally Posted by supergeekgirl View Post
I'm on the last part of it now - the monocle. I also need to do a black bustier for it because I don't think a regular black bra will cut it. This is my year of cosplaying only blondes, I guess. Madonna, the Joy, Helga Sinclair. Badass blondes at that.

Your Boss rocked as well, by the way.

Sorry, I kind of got curious and looked at your costumes.

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