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Can anyone point me to some good resources or potential resources for BRITISH women's WWII uniforms of various stripes? I'm specifically looking for the UK version of the motor core (Driver's uniform) and/or any kind of RAF uniform (I know there were women manning the targeting of anti-aircraft guns - but not the shooting - and flying Spitfire delivery, but I can't find out whether or not they had uniforms or what they looked like) but I'll take the WRENs if there's nothing better going. The people I've contacted so far have mostly replied along the lines of "We can give you nurses - just be a nurse" but I am not much enamoured of the idea of being a nurse.

Plus, y'know, with the nurse hat I wouldn't be able to do victory rolls and their outfits aren't exactly suited to dancing, and I'm going to be going to a major shindig in this getup.
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