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Originally Posted by ten_again View Post
So is your husband going in uniform as well?

You know I was kind of hoping it was the chain...


Your Boss rocked as well, by the way.

Sorry, I kind of got curious and looked at your costumes.
He is doing a costume with me. His was actually, somehow, easier to research. It's an NKVD State Security major's service uniform. We're using them for a skit and then probably wearing them at a bunch of cons after that. The skit is called "Cold War: The Musical".

I do love the chain, including the lingerie she's wearing there, but I don't really have the body to do it. If I ever do, because I love Madonna so much, I just might. And I was really debating hard between the suit and the green dress because green is my favorite color.

No, thanks for looking at my pictures. I love when people do. I haven't updated on here since October as it's a pain in the ass getting stuff sized correctly to upload here. I put most of my cosplay on deviantART now.

As for British uniforms, I'm currently useless as I'm busy in my own American/Soviet uniform world. I'll try to find some time. What's your deadline? Oh, you know... I saw a book on Amazon at one point all on women in England during WWII. Let me see...
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