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Dear Crown Clown Mask and Claw,

Why must you be so difficult to paper mache? It should be as simple as slapping paper on glue, but you make it so difficult for me to manouvre around your impossible placticine design that I spent hours cutting out and glueing to you. Please kindly consider making painting you easier, to make up for my crappy experience decorating you.

As for you, Monsieur Claw-hand, Why must finding rubber finger tips for you be so hard? office works had none, nor any other place. The post office is my last hope. please be there.

Love from your creator, Rinny.

Dear Lightning wig,


Love from your always loving owner, moi

Dear Yuna Cosplay,

I'm so sorry that you've been living in my closet for so long, and still have not been worn once. I promise to try and wear you whenever I get the chance- it would be a shame to see you wasted on someone like myself. Shall I find you a new, loving owner?... Would you like that?

From your sorry owner, Rinny.

Dear Road and Lenalee Cosplay,

I'm going to have to push you both back a while now. Sorry. Allen pushed in line... twice.
But I still have to decide between you two. I'm sorry to have to chose between you both, because although you are evaluated, the main reasons are budgetary. I'm going to have to let one of you go.

From maybe-future-owner, Rinny.

Dear Kairi cosplay,

Im sorry for hardly ever wearing you, but your wig drives me insane, your zippers suck, the paopu tastes like fabric (which it is), and im sorry i spilled mcflurry on you...
i was careless and stupid.

have a nice life in my closet, from Rinny.

(Wow, that one seemed a little hateful didnt it? :'D)
The greatest thing you'll ever learn, is just to love, and to be loved in return.

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