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Dear OTHER cosplays,

I'm sorry that I have neglected for my new love of all things Grell and kuroshitsuji. I promise i'll get back to making you Cardcaptor Sakura you're staff is almost complete but first I must make Grell's chainsaw.

Dark Mousy.... I look at you and sigh. Your so beautiful and I want you to be my best cosplay ever. You've always been my favorite. So is it ok that I take my time with you? Treat you right? We may not have our perfect union til next spring but when we do. Oh it shall be heaven.

Pikachu.... What the heck am I going to do with you? Your tail is a nuisance. But I know that I can't do a satisfactory cosplay of you without it so bear with me as I figure a way to attach you to my butt. lol

Princess Tutu cosplay. I'm working on our relationship ok, you're tutu is going to be amazing, just give it time.

I love you all equally so no one get jealous! I just have to spend some quality time with you're new tranny sibling Grell for a little while.

Love always, J.

p.s. Grell I'll see you tonight. *kisses*
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