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Dear Doctor cosplay,

Sheesh, where do I even begin? Even when you were me in a greenish trench coat and a black suit, running down to Dollar General to get some milk and brandishing a mechanical pencil at cereal boxes and women's hygiene products, you have brought me so much joy, I can't properly express it.
Every time I wear you, I feel amazing. I feel like I actually get to be cool for once in my life, and believe me that is a stretch. Lord only knows how many hugs and marriage proposals you've earned me, the confusion you've caused in bathrooms.
Best of all, you have earned me friends. Amazing friends. Friends I would not have had or sought out had I not had the chance to be the Doctor. And you're my way of honoring two people who are very important to me, my Dad and Andrew, and that's reason enough to want to thank you forever.
So Doctor cosplay, I give you my gratitude. And in honor of all the times we have yet to share:


Dear Other costumes,

I love you guys too, I swear.


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