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The slevee are on the undershirt in that case the coat is sleeveless. ^_^ It looks like a two segment coat you won't find a pattern to do that but this one might help.

You could also use the one I linked to form the top part and use the bottom trench pattern. Both layer would hem at the armpit and the top of the collar. It is however trick so expect to make and alter drafts out of cheap fabric first.

If you merge two pattern I would go with this pattern for the bottom since it marks were the center front is on the pattern and have the split tail back that would just need to be elongated.

The red collar looks like a separate piece with the folded down part is the actually collar on the coat.

Edit: Actually the long under coat look like it's attached to the red colour with the shorter overcoat worn on top. You would need to use Velcro or snap button at the front edge to keep them in place but they are two free floating garment rather then one coat to achieve that shape.

The good news is the undershirt will be easier to make with the bands covering the puff sleeves. You could probably find a grey turtleneck to mod by adding the black forearm (using the original grey segment as a pattern) and the puff sleeve over top of the shoulder of it so that you can stuff it.

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