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I'm getting a new camera for my birthday. What kind? Don't know yet. I'm setting a budget of about $500 (Absolutely no more than $600)

My current camera is broken. I can't use the little digital screen thing (oh, poop) because the crystals are broken. I spent about $250 on it and it was a Kodak. It was an excellent camera for family pictures or casual pictures.

My needs have changed since buying that camera though (Like six years ago). Here's what I need it to be able to do:

-Cosplay photography of course. I'm not going to try to do it to a degree where I'd get paid for it but being able to take great pictures of my friend and myself in our costumes would be awesome.
-Macro. I sell things online so I need to take -amazing- product pictures with it.
-Video (it would be awesome. Not required I suppose but I'd really like it)
-Sturdy. I'd like to be able to take it with me without having to worry about it being fragile. I don't intend to throw it off a bridge but I don't want dropping it once or twice to kill it.

No preference in regards to brands. My old camera was Kodak.

Help please?

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