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Review: kuraudo_strife / soldier-zack-1st

I'm giving everyone on a heads up on a commissioner who is a liar and a cheat.

He's listed as kuraudo_strife here on Cosplay and he's soldier-zack-1st on deviant art. He supposedly makes custom cosplay weaponry. I hired him May of 2010 to make me a Unohana sword for Otakon. He said there would be no problem and he would get me the sword in plenty of time. I paid him in full up front. When Otakon came around I still didn't have my sword, so I called him asking what was up. He fobbed me off with an excuse that he had sent the sword to the wrong person. It pretty much continued that way for the rest of the year. It was one excuse after another. I finally got sick of it and asked for my money back, he gave me a partial refund via paypal, and I thought that was it I was done with him so I went and hired another commissioner who finished the sword in a month and sent it my way.

But the story doesn't end there, oh no. After the deadline for me to make a claim of fraud on paypal had passed the jerk rescinded my refund. He took it back! So he had basically walked off with my money without giving me a God damned thing!!!! He has not responded to my text messages or my e-mails, and since the deadline has passed Paypal can do nothing. He has basically stolen my money. So if you want a custom weapon done DON'T go to him he is a rat bastard!!!
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