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@Kristisha - BAH, I know you look almost exactly like someone but I just cannot for the life of me remember who (I think this means I've been exposed to waaay too many bands, haha...which is probably true). Maybe post another pic of yourself (different angle/etc) so we have more to base our reference of you on? Anyways, for the time being, though, I could see you as Yuki from Versailles, if you're ever up to the challenge of making his oufit. San from Nega or Saki from Clearveil are also possiblities. With the right makeup and wig, I think any of these would be good for you.
If I can remember who the heck I'm trying to remember who you really remind me of, I shall post that asap. ^^

@Everyone- As for me....

So...I realize I've taken over a good portion of the jrock forums with my constant posting (hehe, oops >_>), but realize I haven't contaminated this thread yet! Until now! Muahaha. 8D Anywho, I'm wondering if anyone has suggestions as to who I could cosplay easily, even though I've tried my hand at doing some jrock-related costumes anyways. Just a note, though- I'm not a big dress fan, as I'm primarily a crossplayer, so feel free to omit suggestions like Hizaki, etc.

Here are some different reference pics to help figure out who I could be a good doppleganger of:

(Please ignore the succeeding pictures that may contain: goofiness, ridiculous hair, and such XD)

Aaaand one more 'male' pic for more inspiration... _n.jpg

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