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Basic with a bit of flair.

Stores I frequent include: the GAP, Uniqlo, various thrift/used clothing stores, Shimamura (think cheap Japanese Target), and Luccica. I also like Levis for jeans and Victoria Secret.

Pretty much, I like things that are classic but still unique. I like to do preppy with just a touch of punk or elegant-playful, and so on. I usually shop with an eye on things that will go with other bits and bobbles already in my wardrobe.

Things I like: bell sleeves, basic 5-pocket jeans with traditional cuts, 110 denier stockings, camisoles, long-sleeves that fall to the knuckles on my fingers, matching undergarments, comfy but cute shoes, and no more than one necklace at a time.

I tend to avoid fire colors - red, yellow, and orange turn me off. I love blues, greens, purples, and browns. My friends occasionally tease me for having a bit of an 80's-90's thing going on but it's not intentional, and tends to happen when I'm wearing something given to me by a relative of bought in a thrift store. ^^;;

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