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Seoul Comic World Info


Everything is still currently under construction. Please give me some time to get everything to 100%. ^^ Suggestions for info you'd like to see are more than welcome! : 3


Next Seoul Comic World Dates:
Seoul Comic World 103 -


General info:
Price: 4,000 won
Cosplay: Cosplay is allowed at Seoul Comic World. HOWEVER, you MUST change when you reach the convention center and before you leave the convention center.
Changing: There are changing areas for cosplayers. Do not change in the bathrooms please. The staff is crazy about this rule. The only exception is at SETEC. At SETEC the center is connected to the subway, so changing in those bathrooms is okay for the most part. You can also do your hair, make-up, etc. in the subway or when you get inside the center. Just please be polite and don't make messes. ^ ^
Bags: There is a baggage check. Lockers are also available if you're able to snatch one up. Checking a bag is 500 won, and the amount is non refundable. If you need to get something out of your bag half way through the day and then have to put it back, you have to pay an additional 500 won. the bags are fairly large and my friends and I usually just put all of our things in one bag, so don't worry too much about how much you can fit for the most part. ^ ^
Events: The events vary, but are typically cosplay contests (offstage) or skits (onstage), anime singing contests (onstage), drawing contest (offstage), and other types of events are hosted that I am unsure of. ^ ^;


aT Center (
- Where it is:
- Features:

- Where it is:
- Features:

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