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My daily style is a mix of the following - VK, Cyber goth, J Street Fashion. I tone it down when not going out to clubs and such but I still manage to look like (in my boyfriends words) "some pixies appeared out of nowehere and vomited all over you" I like bright colours, sometimes a lil too much. I love make up and it matches my outfit nearly all the time. My eyebrows have been absent from my face for about two years now so sometimes they get drawn on in candy bright colours. I love stack platform shoes/boots with my tallest pair being a mighty 7". My hair is always short (my days of extensions/dreadfalls are pretty much done now) and it changes colour a heck of a lot as I get bored with it very very easily.

I used to be heavily into psychobilly/rockabilly and 50's fashion in general and I still am so sometimes I'll wear that instead. It depends on my mood I guess.

I really love dressing up and even now at the grand old age of 26 (yikes!!) I doubt this will change anytime soon. I sometimes wish that I could be the kind of girl that doesn't wear make up and feels extremely comfortable wearing jeans simply because I hate the fact that it takes me an hour, sometimes longer (this is just to go out in the day, to a club it takes longer) to get ready. But I don't feel comfortable or confident otherwise so I guess that's just me!
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