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Inverse foil layers: Making 'realistic' metal blades, swords, knives, katanas

Dual foil Layering.
In real life, i rarely see the dual polished/matte sharpened blade effect replicated in fake metal swords, so here's how! :

This dual layer technique 'may' help make your fake/existing swords look better than some real blades.

I created this quick tutorial because my forum search returned nothing, so i'm not sure if it's been mentioned before.

Theory: Most Aluminum foil sold in supermarkets have two sides,

Some people creating or building swords using aluminium foil just use only one side, but if you invert the aluminium foil to simulate the part of the blade that has been 'sharpened' and glue it on as well at the edge, the reflective effect by using these two different sides mimics the real life katanas and has very nice reflectivity under the sun/flash photography. Great for photographers for all kinds of blades, from swords to katanas to knives and other sharpened and sharp edged objects, it gives your metal sword the realistic look

Adjust the length and frequency of the waved edges / wavelets to match your sword.
Waves may not even be necessary. you can just use a flat strip of inverted aluminum (eg: in Bleach Anime Katanas) to mimic the sharped portion.

Glue the matte side before attaching, so there's no residue on the shiny side.

Smooth base recommended. Works with existing metal foil swords you've created

I hope this helps everyone!


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