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Originally Posted by Yoshimar View Post
I had a blast at Megacon this year! However my friend and I forgot our camera T_T...

We were the Team Rocket with the giant R so pics, and videos and such would be appreciated... we were kind of obnoxious xD
Remember see'ing you up at the front saturday & sunday! did not take any pictures though, sorry.

Originally Posted by CDF_Vagabond View Post
I was the ODST with yellow accents, well change that I was the only ODST there on Friday and Sunday. 5_n.jpg

This you? only Halo character I saw Friday. *NVM

Originally Posted by DarkGuardian0 View Post
I was Rukia Kuchiki on Friday with a Bleach group containing Byakuya, Renji, and Yoruichi. On Saturday I was that chick with the steampunk hat, and on Sunday I was Rukia again. I'm sure a lot of people got the Bleach group on Friday just so you know.
110% sure on this one, since u were with the bleach photoshoot. 6_n.jpg

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