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Originally Posted by Demon Doll View Post
Does anyone know where I can find reflective tape??? I looked in home depot and target. Also the dollar tree because I got desperate.
The only place I've been able to find a good amount for a decent price is via EBay or I've called around to quite a few places in my city and no one seems to have any available, or if they do, they only sell 1x20 inch of striped yellow/black for over $30. :/ Loads of luck to you!

Since I've read a few people were considering Glow Tape, I can speak from today's experience and can recommend not using it. Thankfully I tested this for a prop. Never intended on using it for my Tron costume. Going full EL with it.

While it's brighter then glow paint and will last longer since you won't have to worry about chipping or flaking, it's just not a good quality. It looks like a cheap glow in the dark effect. Even the color tape that "should" emanate something other then the green-yellow color, doesn't really do so in the dark. lol Save yourself the headaches and just spring for the EL Tape/Wire, or Reflective Tape.
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